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Of Electronic Component Assembly

Chilese Elettronica SrlOperatingsince 1994 in the field of professional electronics, in the assembly and testing of electronic components and boards (third party and purchase account) combining a typically artisanal service with the most advanced technologies in the industry.

The company is equipped with advanced and cutting-edge departments in THT and SMT assembly, with specialization in testing, being equipped with stand-alone departments with a technical department, an after-sales service department, side-by-side assistance with customers in the search for the necessary materials.

Bureau veritas cerification
Chilese electronics factory

Design and Engineering

Our team of engineers and designers work together to create innovative solutions for your electronic components at competitive prices.

Production and Control

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and rigorous quality control processes ensure that your electronic components are produced to the highest standards.

Continuing Care

Our team provides ongoing support to ensure optimal performance of your electronic components, from manufacturing to maintenance


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